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"What Are the Most Common Small Business Insurance Claims?"

Small business owners should familiarize themselves with various types of insurance

claims and the filing process, as over 40 percent of small businesses are projected to

file a claim in the next decade, according to a study by the Hartford. Learning about

different claims and optimal filing methods can save time and money in the event of a

covered financial loss.

Most Common Small Business Insurance Claims

Burglary and Theft

Theft and burglary top the list of frequent commercial insurance claims businesses

submit, particularly in the retail, construction, and manufacturing industries. These

incidents encompass damages to company property resulting from break-ins and the

theft of possessions and equipment. A commercial property insurance policy is

invaluable in mitigating the costs of burglary and theft.

Water and Freezing Damage

The second most prevalent type of insurance claim companies file involves water-

related damages, encompassing issues like burst pipes or storm flooding. These claims

are prevalent in coastal areas and low-lying regions susceptible to floods. Commercial

property insurance proves essential in covering the expenses associated with such

damage, addressing costs related to structural repairs, replacing waterlogged carpets,

and eliminating mold.


Fire poses a significant risk to small businesses and is a common insurance claim

across various industries, such as manufacturing and restaurants. Filing commercial

property insurance claims becomes essential to address the financial losses incurred

due to fire, covering expenses for building repairs or reconstruction and replacing

damaged equipment and supplies. Additionally, businesses with business income

insurance can file claims against the policy to recoup lost revenue caused by fire

damage during the cessation of operations.

Customer Accidents and Property Damage

Insurance claims stemming from customer slips and falls on your business premises are

common, particularly in retail stores and restaurants. A general liability insurance policy

is vital to cover potential liabilities, including medical expenses, legal fees, and lost

wages. This policy also extends to accidents causing personal injury or property

damage in various industries, such as construction, landscaping, and retail, addressing

costs related to medical expenses, repairs, and legal fees.

Product Liability

Should a product you manufacture or sell prove faulty, you could face liability for injuries

or illnesses customers suffer. This insurance claim is prevalent in retail, manufacturing,

and distribution. Without suitable insurance coverage, your business may be

responsible for medical expenses, lost wages, legal fees, and product recall expenses.

Mitigate these risks by securing general and product liability insurance policies,

providing your business with essential coverage for potential product liability issues.

Contact M&T Adjusters

M&T Adjusters is a Public Insurance Claims Adjusters Firm servicing all of Florida. As

licensed experts, we represent home and business owners, not insurance companies.

We guarantee you will get what you deserve. Don't let your insurance company take

you for granted; we fight for you! We pride ourselves on being a family-owned company

with years of experience in the Public Adjusters industry; we work with ethics and

morals, always putting our clients first. We do not have hidden fees, and we do not

touch your money because, at M&T, we treat our customers like family.

If you have property damage from a recent storm, water, fire, flood, or lightning, please

call 786-617-9404 (English) or 786-617-8921 (Spanish) for a free inspection today!



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